What joys will 2017 bring for you?

There are many ways to jump into the new year. New Year’s resolutions are one way. Chris Brogan’s Three Words is another that I find really useful (My three words are momentum, refresh, and blossom – read why here). Another version is the single word — check out Lola Akerstrom’s piece here (side note: she is a brilliant photographer who is doing wonderful work in Scandinavia). What do you do to kick off the new year?

For me, 2017 is promising to be a wonderful year full of hard work and strong community (more on that in next week’s newsletter). I am looking forward to the fights ahead as well as the many joys that are coming. From activism house parties and book groups to new clients and colleagues, 2017 already feels great. To get me started, here are a few things that have inspired me recently.

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