The questions that are on my mind this week.

How do we lead?

For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about the qualities of good leaders. Ryan Shelley believes, as I do, that top-down leadership is actually on the way out. We really need to lead with empathy. For the nonprofit and social good sectors, this article from last year’s Stanford Social Innovation Review should give them pause. There is a leadership crisis approaching. To develop your own leadership skills, check out Bridgespan’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Kit.

And if you haven’t yet learned your leadership lessons from the dancing guy, this is a worthwhile 3-minute video to watch.

Where do you go for lessons on leadership? What do you think makes a leader “great?” Please hit reply and let me know.

What am I writing?

I’ve been busy writing over the last few weeks and will be publishing those pieces on my website and other places in the coming days. First up is a revision of a guide to refreshing nonprofit websites. I’m also investigating how nonprofits are adjusting to the post-election reality.

How do we restart?

I know a few people who are trying to restart. Some are restarting a career, others a lapsed exercise plan or sense of well-being. We just saw the movie Youth with Harvey Keitel and Michael Caine. Beautifully filmed, it explores how you can restart–at any age.

What are “Driving Questions?”

Driving Questions are the questions teachers use to frame a project, lesson, activity, or lecture. I am using them to frame what I’m reading, working on, listening to, and thinking about each week. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don’t, the unsubscribe button is just below.

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– Todd