My Work

I am an educator at heart. Whether I am developing a cohesive digital strategy, providing content for websites or social media campaigns, or assisting organizations in designing new online tools, I operate much as I did in the classroom: helping people strengthen skills and find solutions that work.

My Projects

I start each project by listening carefully to clients. My best work has been with organizations that know they could be doing so much more with digital tools but don’t know where to start. An important facet of this process is helping organizations find and tell their stories.

My Clients

Who I work with is important to me. I have focused on helping national and international social change organizations from California to Massachusetts. Many of my clients are in education reform, but my services can be useful in many areas like environmental protection, youth development, and the arts.

Digital Strategy

A key tool I use in my digital strategy consulting is listening. My clients often face competing priorities with little staff capacity to do everything they want. After listening closely, I work with clients to create a cost-effective plan that allows them to achieve more using digital tools while focusing on what they do best: leading their organization.  The work I do often includes:

Project Management

From website builds to development of new digital tools to social media campaigns, I manage the details of each project so organizations can focus on mission rather than logistics. I work to ensure each project is not merely completed but completed to total satisfaction. Working alone or pulling together and managing a team, I can help organizations create and implement:

Writing & Editing

Good communications require more than just words on a page or screen. From my work as a freelance writer, I know how to create well-researched and compelling writing. From my work with nonprofits, I know how to tie a well-crafted story to organizational goals and strategy. I have been the lead or supporting author on:

  • creating digital strategy plans
  • digital tools audit and analysis
  • helping organizations find and tell their stories through workshops and training
  • training and mentoring of staff on digital tools
  • facilitating in-person and virtual meetings about core messages and strategy
  • new websites
  • digital libraries and archives
  • photo and video libraries
  • newsletters
  • collaboration, learning, and communication platforms
  • social media campaign
  • core messaging efforts
  • full-length books and book chapters
  • articles
  • case studies
  • blog posts
  • reports
  • social media posts

What My Clients Say

Todd has been providing digital strategy consulting to the Bay State Reading Institute since April of 2013. In that time, he has revamped BSRI’s online presence and tactics. He completely overhauled the BSRI website, doing much of the design and build himself. He has also created and maintained our growing video library, launched the BSRI Facebook page, and advised BSRI on diverse digital projects like a resource library, rebranding assets, and a photo archive. Todd’s success with these projects comes from his process: he listens carefully to an organization’s needs before jumping in. We are a virtual organization with a small number of administrators who are each responsible for many different things.  As a result, working with us is sometimes like herding cats. Todd has been unfailingly pleasant to work with – unflappable, flexible, and patient – while at the same time effectively communicating his suggestions and helping us move forward.   We value his analyses and insights and hope to retain him for future projects.

Britt Ruhe

Director of Finance, Bay State Reading Institute

Todd came to EL at a transformational moment at EL. Under new leadership, the organization took on a rebranding effort and, simultaneously, the development of a new website. Todd brought strong writing skills, a passion for digital media, and a strong work ethic to the challenge. In less than 9 months, Todd had helped to shepherd the overhaul of EL’s website, writing all new copy, coordinating daily with the design firm and website architect and co-coordinating the launch of the new brand across a network of 165 schools in 30 states. Throughout this effort, Todd demonstrated his talent for project management, collaboration with a diverse set of content contributors, and being unflappable in the face of competing priorities.

Lili Brown

Chief Advancement Officer, Expeditionary Learning

Todd is a great story teller, and an even better social media strategist and digital content producer.

Todd and I worked together during the first six months of my time at the Buck Institute for Education. He provided thoughtful insight into content curation, daily social media posts, and the development of new strategies and content like Google+ Hangouts. The guidance that Todd provided helped us to launch well-organized, multi-channel digital campaigns that have not only provided us with messaging, but new content, as well. I highly recommend working with Todd!

Liam Bayer

New Media Coordinator, Buck Institute for Education

Todd Felton was one of the first authors we hired for our ArtPlace series, commissioning a 40,000 word manuscript for A Journey into the Transcendentalists’ New England. Because of his success with this project, we hired him to serve as developmental editor for another book in the series, A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York, which Todd helped bring from 12,000 word draft to one of our best-selling books. We were thrilled to bring out Todd’s second ArtPlace book, A Journey into the Irish Literary Revival in 2007 and hope to publish his third ArtPlace book on English writers in the Lake District.

Deirdre Greene

Founder, Roaring Forties Press

Todd took on a variety of assignments at BIE, from coaching staff in social media development to preparing case studies on BIE partners. He did a good and painstaking job on all tasks. I especially appreciate his attention to language and le mot juste, and his willingness to listen to and incorporate feedback into successive drafts. I would recommend him for any education related (and possibly unrelated) writing/media assignments.

John Mergendoller

Executive Director, Buck Institute for Education

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Todd Felton

Todd Felton

founder, RTF Consulting

I am a writer, teacher, digital strategist, and a thrower of frisbees for dogs. I graduated from Cornell University and did my graduate work at Syracuse University. I’ve taught high school English, founded a writing center, written three books and numerous articles, and helped nonprofits make the most of digital tools. I live in Amherst with my wife and two sons.