Take the first step to having all your digital tools working together.


Your website’s messaging, navigation, and calls-to-action are aligned with your organizational strategy and goals.

Social Media

Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles are not just saying what you want, they are getting the reaction you want.


You have a newsletter that reaches the people you want to serve with content they’ll read and find useful.

Here’s how it works:



Review all existing assets

We begin by reviewing strategic plans, vision and mission statements, and any other important documents. We also begin by listening — to important stakeholders.



Audit website and social media profiles

We then do a deep dive into your website, social media profiles, and e-newsletter, paying special attention to high-level messaging and alignment with strategic goals.



Create a plan

We sort everything we’ve learned about the organization and its digital spaces into an assessment and dashboard. These tools serve as the foundation of your digital strategy.




We know that a plan is only good if it helps guide action. We don’t just give you another thing to put on your shelf; we help you put it into action with ongoing coaching.

Here’s what you get:

Digital Platform Report

We will provide a PDF report taking stock of what is on your website, how your social media platforms are doing, and what assets you have where.

Digital Upgrade Plan

In addition to analyzing what you have now, we recommend important next steps to get your digital platforms working even better for you.

Digital Dashboard

As part of our work, we provide you with a custom dashboard to use for your digital strategy moving forward. The dashboard can serve as a foundation for a successful editorial calendar as well.

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